Corona Virus Update

With the crisis continuing we have had to take the following steps and are communicating these measures to you prior to your booking. This information is also sent out with any invitations.

  1. We ask that anyone who displays any symptoms of COVID-19 within a week of the course date to NOT to attend the course – you will be granted a refund within 24 hours of notifying us via email or telephone.
  1. In line with government advice we are keen to keep a 1-2m distance between work stations or bubbles of participants.* With this in mind the workshop space at our shop is too small. We are going to hold the workshop just 5 minutes from us at:

The Hub

Mulberry Park, Mulberry Way, Combe Down, Bath BA2 5BU

You can park outside the venue, it is unrestricted. There are toilets, a café and an outside area you can use for fresh air breaks if you wish. The venue is operating a one way system in and out of its rooms. If you need public transport from the train station the number 2 bus (which you catch from the adjacent bus station) takes you outside its doors and runs regularly. You can see the room in more detail here:


We are confident you will be as pleased as we are with the space that this room provides for our small groups.

  1. The area which you will work at shall be 1-2m away from the next participant. All work stations and facilities will have been sterilised prior to your arrival.
  1. We will not be asking you to wear a mask or face covering for the course but will be asking you to be very aware of the tutor/other participants and to socially distance at all times. Of course if you would prefer to wear a face covering you are most welcome to do so. We shall be asking you to wash your hands upon arrival at the venue and when fetching further materials from a shared source such as a bucket of yarn or a new pot of paint etc.
  1. We kindly ask that participants do not eat food brought from home during the course. You are welcome to bring your own bottled drink with you. We do hope to provide some refreshments but this will be based on the current government guidance so we are unable to currently confirm whether this is possible but will be at no extra cost to you. As stated above, there is a café on site that can provide for you if you have forgotten or need food/drink. You may eat your own food outside the venue.
  1. Upon arrival your tutor will be asking for your contact details for the next 14 days in line with track and trace guidance from the government. If you are unable to provide a current email and telephone number we are unable to let you participate. All students undertake the course at their own risk and are responsible for their own hygiene and distancing throughout their time with us.

* We will grant bubble status to anyone who are friends/family and are booked together. This bubble status gives you permission from us that should you wish to work closer together than suggested you are welcome to do so.

We do hope that the courses will all go ahead with simply the above measures in place. Sadly, as we know, things can change very quickly for us and yourselves. Please feel free to change your mind upon receipt of this information - we can refund you quickly.

Our tutors are still travelling from far and wide so please give us as much notice as possible when informing us of a cancelled place – it may well mean that the course is no longer viable and the knock on is a great deal of admin! In turn, they will try their hardest to teach you in the best way possible despite social distancing but do voice any concern you have during the class if you could not see a demonstration clearly or need more help. It is their first experience of teaching with these measures in place. They will be wearing PPE to help you and will be trying to navigate the situation as best they can.

We also ask that you voice any concern over the environment as soon as you start the course. We would do our utmost to help and alter things where necessary and are very keen to help.

You will be entitled to 20% off one order online with us or a singular visit in store with a coupon we give you on the day of the course. This is to say a huge thank you for your custom at such a time. (Not redeemable against a course booking.)

All of the above we hope shall reassure you that we are creating as safe, welcoming and nurturing an environment as is possible at this time. We know that the courses provide creative relief from the anxiety of life at the moment and we look forward to welcoming you and helping you create something truly special with us.

Our very best wishes,

Julia + all the Tutors